concrete skin by Rieder

Concrete Skin fibre cement cladding for ventilated facades and interiors

concrete skin

Fibre reinforced cement panels with materic texture and natural components for ventilated facade and interior claddings. Thanks to the small thickness of fibreC allows big sizes panels for sustainable solutions in terms of weight and environmental impact

Öko skin

Fibre reinforced cement slats, with a texture available in three surfaces to create a material vibration. The simplicity of the system makes it extremely flexible, with great expressive potential

3D Formparts

  • Formparts: concrete skin is modelled into three-dimensional elements using tailor-made moulds. This technology develops continual surfaces for string courses, pilasters, columns, corner elements and sunscreens
  • 3D cast: customised manufactured items in fibre cement, obtained from injection into moulds for three-dimensional monolithic elements

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