Kalikos International is a service company that has been working in the ventilated facade and architectural cladding since 1995.

In more than twenty years of activity, it has become a technical, research and consultancy centre, animated by a group of architecture, design and technological culture experts and enthusiasts.

Kalikos International carries out research throughout Europe, selecting excellent coating materials that are developed as an integrated shell system.

Kalikos International elaborates high technology and top quality projects thanks to the long term collaboration with expert installation teams and designers, working skillfully and passionately from concept to executive.

From concept
to executive

  • Design

    Kalikos actively collaborates with the designer when creating the layout of the external facade, elaborating a personalised technical and economic analysis of the cladding from the initial phases.

  • Development

    Kalikos supplies concrete technical support when developing projects, taking measurements on site, engineering substructures and defining the working drawings, creating the image of the building carefully.

  • Installation

    Kalikos selects very experienced and qualified installation teams or can train on site installation teams selected by the client.